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Yelken Balik Ankara, Bodrum and Maidan Restaurants offer flavors from the sea and the earth with 20 years of experience and cooking methods preserving natural flavors and textures.

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Private VIP Rooms Just For You


In your special days such as meetings, family dinners or celebrations, you can choose any of our specially allocated rooms; you can enjoy our attentively prepared delicacies and privileged service in privacy and comfort.

Exquisite Menu


Check out our menu with the freshest fish of the season, hot starters with a variety of seafood, cold appetizers prepared with quality ingredients, salads adorned with fresh vegetables, and delicious desserts.


With our 20 years of experience, we turn the traditional delicious flavors of the sea and earth into a privileged fine dining experience.


With years of experience, we know our fish and our ingredients very well, and we set up an elegant table where you can host your guests and loved ones.


As Yelken Balık, we redefine quality standards in a decent environment with our delicacies on your plates and our service at your tables.


Like every ingredient we use, we bring the fish from delicately elected sources to your table by following a meticulous food safety policy and preserving freshness.


Delicious news from Yelken Balık Ankara and Bodrum is here!


Shrimps with Avocado

3 February

When the wonderful consistency of avocado and the taste of shrimp come together, a delicious appetizer emerges.


Marinated Sea Bass

3 February

Being as light as it is aromatic, you should definitely place this appetizer on your table.


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